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The Warning Voice Of God

Natural disasters and calamities one after another are happening globally. Earthquakes, typhoons, El Nino phenomenon – all these causing untold losses of lives and property. Heart-rending records of violence, crimes of passion, men and children marginalized by war and strife, suicides are revelations of a world gone astray, filled with indifference and brutality

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Jude 3

The faith as it came from the lips of Christ and was explained by the apostles was in trouble. The Christian church had already become corrupted by men who "crept in unawares." Later as she became more corrupt, she claimed to always have had the "truth" and the authority to decide truth for others. This booklet will show you how it happened and how the men of faith fights for the truth sake, even to the expense of their own lives. Know your part now as a christian and be one of God's instrument in proclaiming the truth in our time.

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