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Many hundreds of years ago, what Christ said about the Holy Ghost still rings very distinctly to the hearers today.

“But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.“ Acts 1:8

“Let those who bear responsibilities remember that it is the Holy Spirit who is to do the fashioning. It is the Lord who controls. We are not to try to mold according to our own ideas those for whom we work. We are to let Christ do the molding. He follows no human pattern. He works according to His own mind and spirit. Upward Look p. 286

“By different gifts the truth is to be proclaimed, all the gifts controlled by the same Spirit. . . . “ Upward Look p. 286

What was the effect of the power of the Holy Ghost on the hearers of God’s word?

“The power of the Holy Spirit was felt in the council room. A spell from God was upon the hearers. They seemed to have no power to leave the place. As arrows from the Lord's quiver, the Reformer's words pierced their hearts. The charge of heresy, which they had brought against him, he with convincing power threw back upon themselves. Why, he demanded, did they dare to spread their errors? For the sake of gain, to make merchandise of the grace of God?

With whom, think you," he finally said, "are ye contending? with an old man on the brink of the grave? No! with Truth--Truth which is stronger than you, and will overcome you." So saying, he withdrew from the assembly, and not one of his adversaries attempted to prevent him.

Wycliffe's work was almost done; the banner of truth which he had so long borne was soon to fall from his hand; but once more he was to bear witness for the gospel. The truth was to be proclaimed from the very stronghold of the kingdom of error.” Great Controversy p. 90-1

Christ possessed this kind of spell. This was describe as such―

This Man, who came teaching humility and love, aroused their hatred and scorn. When he arose in the majesty of his sacred mission, they were stricken with sudden fear and condemnation. But, after the spell was broken, in the hardness of their hearts, they wondered why they had been so terror-stricken and fled so precipitately from the presence of a single man. What right had this youthful Galilean to interfere with the dignitaries of the temple? After a time they returned, but did not dare at once to resume their former occupation. Spirit of Prophecy, Vol 2, p 121

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