Gospel Order

Jude 3

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1. Proclaim the first, second, and third angels' messages. (9T 19)

2. Manifest an “All ye are brethren” relationship. (Matthew 23:8)

3. Call for and establish true Unity. (John 7:17-21; 1Cor. 1:10; 1SM 175; 3SM 412)

4. Establish Gospel Order. (EW 97-102)

5. Follow the apostolic rule of systematic benevolence and tithing system. (3T 411; CS 101-102)

6. Implement the true Church Discipline. (3T 428-429)

7. Preach the present truth and the Old landmarks. (EW 63; CWE 30-3)

8. Follow church structure, i.e Christ-the head, Gospel-the body, & Medical Ministry-the arm. (MM 237-238; LLM 87; AA 91)

9. Does not adopt an hierarchal organization. (GC 64)

10. Does not involve in any political scheme. (GW 291-392)

11. Respect the government; yet uphold religious liberty. (GW 389-90)

12. Call them the “Little flock”. (Luke 12:32)

13. Strict in proper observance of Sabbath. (8T 198)

14. Follow the law and the testimony of Jesus or the Spirit of Prophecy. (Revelation 12:17; 19:10)

15. Does not advocate fanatical view especially in diet. (GW 316-317;CDF 496)

16. Separation is an absolute necessity. (4SOP 46; 1T 240; Amos 3:3; 5T 12-14.)

17. Does not compromise the faith. (CWE 95)

18. Fearless reprover of sins. (PP 86)

19. Expected to be persecuted, misinterpreted, maligned for the truth. (AA 431)

20. Cannot preach the gospel without offence. (GC 165)


“This is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith," I John 5:4. That faith must not be led to embrace superstitious, fictitious sentiments…. Christ gave--lessons of faith in a plain "Thus saith the Lord." The work of conquering evil is to be done through faith…. The shield of faith will be their defense and will enable them to be more than conquerors. Nothing else will avail but this-- faith in the Lord of hosts, and obedience to His orders…True faith asks the Lord, "What wilt Thou have me to do?" and when the way is marked out by the Master, faith is ready to do His will, at whatever hardship or sacrifice.” Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, p 182-183.

“The Sabbath is a sign of the relationship existing between God and His people, a sign that they are His obedient subjects, that they keep holy His law. The observance of the Sabbath is the means ordained by God of preserving a knowledge of Himself and of distinguishing between His loyal subjects and the transgressors of His law. This is the faith once delivered to the saints, who stand in moral power before the world, firmly maintaining this faith.” Testimonies, vol 8, p 198.

“The faith in Christ which saves the soul is not what it is represented to be by many. "Believe, believe," is their cry; "only believe in Christ, and you will be saved. It is all you have to do." While true faith trusts wholly in Christ for salvation, it will lead to perfect conformity to the law of God. Faith is manifested by works. And the apostle John declares, “He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.” RH, October 5, 1886 par. 20.

“Because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seeth, and yet have believed.” John 20:29.

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